Giving Back During the Holidays

Now that Ariana is 3, the holiday season is extra special. Last year, she started to understand the concept of gifts, and was so excited for Santa Claus to pass. This year will be even more fun for her, especially with having her little sister around.

I'm having a lot of fun finding ways to make the holiday season special and magical for her. We've got photos with Santa coming up very quickly, and we're looking forward to putting up our tree right after Thanksgiving.



I recently came up with the idea of starting a tradition of doing something to give back or help others during the holiday season. This way, we can teach Ariana (and Sophia in the next few years) that Christmas is more than just presents. I'd like to find something we can do each year that is also more than just donating money - something that we can physically get involved in that's family friendly.

If you have a tradition like this in your family, what is your favorite way to give back or be of service? Let me hear it in the comments!

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