I kept my goals for 2021 simple. With a baby due in February, I knew it wasn't going to be a year of doing all the things. Honestly, my goal was to survive with two babies.
Now that 2022 is here, I can say...that goal was enough. While we did survive, I surely don't feel like I did much thriving.
The last couple months of 2021 were extremely challenging, and I wasn't feeling the most optimistic for this new year or feeling inspired to make new goals. So clearly, the photo above is not the best illustration of my new year mood, ha. 
I joke to myself that my goal for the year is to live one step above surviving. But now that we're a couple weeks into January, I feel like I'm starting to get out of the darkness a little, and I feel ready to take on a few things that have been calling me lately.
  • Prioritize my own hobbies. I'm on my second attempt at following a 12 week postpartum exercise plan, and I'm doing much better at sticking to it this time around. It's definitely helping to keep me moving and get a little of my strength back. I also really want to recommit to blogging and writing things that are not work press releases. It's what I've been missing most the past few years, and I feel so out of practice. 
  • Upgrade my style. Most of my clothes have been in my closet for many years now, and frankly, a lot of them don't fit right now. I've had to buy some new clothes in the past year, especially for work, and it's making me want to upgrade and lean into my new status as a mid-30s working mom. But dressed in secondhand chic, of course.
  • Related: Actually sell my growing pile of clothes on Poshmark. Here's the thing. I love making a sale on Poshmark. I love cleaning out my closet and finding clothes to sell on Poshmark. What I don't love? Taking the time to list my clothes on Poshmark. This year, I need to just commit and take the pictures and write the listings. I won't make any money if I don't list anything!
  • Donate items to resale or thrift shops or charities without driving around with them in my car for months. I mean, I know we all do it. But I really want to be more productive and less lazy about giving our old things a new life.
  • Be a good example and teach my girls how to care for the planet and our resources. They certainly learn by watching me. I always say my love for environmentalism started in grade school with the book 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. I recently found a copy of that book on my office shelf, and it was like a gentle nudge to use it to start teaching Ariana. Plus, after a few years of being less involved in my community, I'd like to start getting back into the swing of things. 
Maybe it's a lofty list, but it's something to aspire to!

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