The bittersweet days

Today, my baby Sophia turns 11 months old. In one short month, she'll be celebrating her first birthday and making the full transition to the toddler phase.



Over the past few weeks, I've been feeling the tug of bittersweet emotions from watching her grow, change and learn new skills. It's so much fun to see her discover new things and to watch her personality bloom. And yet, I miss how little she used to be. I miss that she'll never be this small or this snuggly again.


As I rock her in the evening, I enjoy the moments of peace and quiet and stillness. And I notice just how quickly she is growing. She fits in my arms just a little differently each night. I know that one day (sooner than I'll be ready for) I won't be rocking her to sleep anymore. 


With her being our last baby, it does make me a little more sad that these infant days are winding down. The days are long and the years are short, indeed. I know there are so many amazing milestones and so many chapters still to come in our lives, but there is a lot that I'll miss about Sophia's chapter as a newborn and an infant.

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